Telling 100 Stories

Genius: 100 Visions of the Future

Help create the world’s first 3D printed book, Genius: 100 Visions, the collected insight of 100 thought leaders from across the globe, by securing their participation.

Client Type

  • Not For Profit


  • Copywriting
  • Experimental
  • Print Design
  • Video Production
  • Digital Design
  • Web Design


Contributors to the book included Nobel Prize winners, celebrities, critically-acclaimed authors and high-ranking university personnel. Many had staff that acted as gatekeepers, so we needed a piece that was impressive enough for them to pass onto these visionaries.


We created a customized invitation kit with a personalized letter enclosed in a laser cut folder that invited the visionary to participate in the initiative, outlined the rules for submission, enclosed a writing guide, and asked them to attend a live event to celebrate the launch.

Genius stories invitation 4
Genius Stories 2
Genius Stories 3

the result

Of the 100 visionaries that were contacted, all agreed to participate in the project, representing a 100% conversion rate. The book has become a publishing milestone with plans for auction at Sotheby’s.