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TrailerWorks Bees

The Story

One of our video producers wanted to raise bees at home, but his wife had other ideas. So we said, “Why not do it here?” Soon his passion became ours and telling the story of our bees became a way of showing the world we’re pretty sweet on these flying friends who make the world go round.

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Hive Tours

Where would we bee? Without the honeybee life on this planet would not exist. Bees are responsible for pollinating the food we eat, they’re an integral part of the planet’s ecosystem, and beyond that, they’re just incredibly awesome.

Want a fun way to learn about bees that’s live and interactive? Swing by the TrailerWorks Bees Conservation Centre for a tour. We’d be thrilled to show you all things beekeeping and proceeds go towards improving the world food supply through pollinator’s conservation.

For tours, email to make arrangements.

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