Telling Stories Of Sacrifice

NASA Astronaut Tribute

Soichi Noguchi is an astronaut at the Japanese Space Agency and an aeronautical engineer. After becoming a visionary contributor to Genius 100—an organization that has formed a community of leading experts with the goal of making our world a better place—they wanted to honour him for his many contributions.

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  • Video Production
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Astronauts must undergo many physical hardships while on their missions in space. But what is often overlooked is the emotional sacrifice they make in their quest for knowledge. Training leading up to space missions lasts 24 weeks. They have to say goodbye to their family and friends, often remaining in space for months at a time. If we were to pay tribute to Noguchi, we needed to inform viewers of this sacrifice and remind them that it was all for them.


A moving tribute video that documented Soichi Noguchi’s illustrious career, while giving viewers a better understanding of the sacrifices he has made for humanity, was broadcast to Soichi aboard the International Space Station, 200 miles from the Earth’s atmosphere.

Nasa THUMBNAIL Soichi Tribute 01
Nasa THUMBNAIL Soichi Tribute 03
Nasa THUMBNAIL Soichi Tribute 04
Nasa THUMBNAIL Soichi Tribute 05

the result

Soichi had only 20 minutes available to talk to the Genius 100 community while on the space station. This was time he gave up instead of speaking with his family. Touched by the gesture, he shared that it reaffirmed his commitment to the cause and the incredible insights he would bring upon his return to earth.